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Travel dairies - Sigandur : An exiting journey towards divinity

Karnataka is known for its temples . Temples not only remind us of the divinity and beliefs , they also serve as a good day-out or awesome tourist destinations for travelers. In this blog I am going to write about one the beautiful temple I visited recently , Sigandur .

   Sigandur is famous for it beautiful and mesmerizing Chowdeshwari temple. You forget all the worries and tensions as soon as you get inside the temple . Apart from temple , the journey to this location itself is remarkable.

  Sigandur is in Shimoga district of Karnataka (map location) . The temple is located on the shores of sharavati back waters. There are 2 ways to reach temple :  If you are coming from Jog falls route,park your vehicle near the back waters  and take the lounge (you can also take your vehicle on lounge) OR you can also take the land route which is yet under construction. I would prefer the former way as you will have a different and beautiful view of back waters. The lounge journey will definitely bring you some unforgettable memories

Once you reach to the shores , you have to take a bus to reach temple. Prefer taking bus than the private taxis as they charge too much.The temple is mesmerizing and will make you speechless once you see the idol of Chowdeshwari Devi. Do visit Sigandur if you get a chance . I have uploaded some of the pics of my lounge journey .

Follow my blog as I will share more stories about the places I visit .

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