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subscription media - Next big thing in Entertainment Industry

Subscription services  like Amazon Prime,Netflix, Hotstar , Sony Liv are gaining exponential momentum these days and are becoming alternate to traditional Television and Movie theaters. Subscription fee is also very very less compared to same old cable connections at home and falling prices of Internet usage are also pushing consumers to subscribe to these services . I have listed down some of the advantages of these subscriptions :

1. Ease of use :           You dont have to pay for cable wires, costly TVs and fight for using remote with your wife :) . Most of the services provide features of multi login where you can login in multiple devices at the same time with the same same credentials

2. Portable :

         This is the biggest push for surge in subscriptions . You cannot carry your TV every where you go , you may not get newspapers everywhere , but you will definitely carry your cell phone every where and your subscription helps you to kill the time during your journey

3. View Offline           Most of the application provide "download and view later" option using which you can download your favorite movies or shows when you have internet and watch it anywhere any time.

4. Value for money :

          The subscription fee for almost all apps are less than 10% of what we pay for a regular cable connection

5. Plug n play support :

          All of these applications are compatible with plug n play devices like chromecast and Amazon firestick . I will write a separate blog on ChromeCast and Firestick in coming days. Wondering where to buy ? I prefer to purchase via Amazon .

Chrome Cast :

FireStick :

I will come up with more posts frequently by doing more research on each of these services. In the mean time Subscribe to Amazon Prime here :

From India : click here

From US : click here

Comment let me know which application you recommend people for subscribing

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