• Sunil Renukaiah

Social Media making people unsocial

Social media like Facebook,twitter were supposed to build bridge between the friends, a place where people can share their thoughts and feelings. But right now the entire idea is changed and social media is becoming a place of rage , provocation and a business market.

With every "like" or "retweet" all our data is shared and facebook and twitter make money.People take facebook posts more seriously than the actual problems they have at home or office. In a hurry to get more likes , followers we are actually getting disconnected from everyone. we feel more happy by chatting on a whatsapp group than meeting people in person. One person's / page's un-verified posts trigger riots and destroy properties.

We are so immersed in this virtual world that we have started forgetting how it feels to be real . Its not wrong to be on social media but we should know to draw a THICK line between real and virtual self. Facebook and twitter have turned out to be a very profitable market place which is really good but the same place have given nightmares to some people.

A country's president / prime ministers fate is decided with his social media etiquette and his activeness on these websites than the actual work he did to improve  his/her constituency.People are killed just because they posted their view on a controversial topic . Fake profiles are cheating people with their fake products.

The value of life has gone so down that , a person's character is decided based on his profile .We have to come-out of this madness and become human again.The world is a better place to live in when we explore in person than watching it on fb or even using VR . Lets build a social group which is actually social and helpful to society and mankind

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