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Shared Success : Brilliant concept by Inmusik

Inmusik is creating lot of noice with there path breaking and trend setting idea of a new crypto currency which is aimed at helping and connecting music creators and music lovers world wide.

Last week Inmusik CEO Steve sent a mail to all the subscribers about a niche idea called "Shared Success" which boosts music creators' revenue  and listeners revenue too!!!!!!!!!!! Yes you heard it right.... Wonder how it works ? Read the text below :

When a user hears a new song they love (or they believe will be a commercial success), they can place a Token Vote on it, assigning a monetary amount with it. Each Token voter then owns a stake in the song and shares in all future earnings of the song (or artist for that matter) allowing fans to earn a return.

Think about it like this: Early investors in successful start-ups get the biggest Return On Investment. Similarly on Inmusik, early voters share future revenues and so their ROI will be larger also. Fans with good taste, influencers with foresight and some lucky guesses will lead to big payouts to fans. Plus, we believe this kind of voting is a much fairer way of doing music curation. 

It’s very like any business, product/talent, investors and promoters. We’ve just written a formula for building it into a blockchain and handed the jobs over to the community so everyone can participate in its success. The democratization of music.

Wow!!!!!!  Thats called innovative thinking... Grab their tokens before they go off the shelf...

Website link : https://inmusik.co

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