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Movie Review RAID - When Ajay does an Akshay's Movie

Had a hectic week at office , commuted in irritating traffic and finally it was Friday . Thought will not go anywhere and sleep the whole weekend , some one share the trailer of RAID movie on their fb wall and I immediately decided to watch it.. The story line seemed interesting but I thought Ajay Devgn was not suitable for  these kind of characters which are mastered by Akshay kumar . Akshay has definitely raised the bar to another level with movies like special 26 , Rustom .. But after watching the movie , I felt Ajay Devgn is the perfect match for this role.

I would give 4/5 for this movie. You can watch the trailer below :

The movie is based on a real story happened during 80s . Its about the biggest raid conducted on an minister to dig out black money worth 400 cr (~11000 cr in today's market value).Ajay has given complete justice to the role and the movie is a must watch.

The climax is actually from another raid conducted by same officer (on cement and sand mafia).The movie feels a bit dragged at some places but Ajay's serious looks makes sure the audience are glued to screen till the end.

Watch the movie and let me know your views in the comments section

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