• Sunil Renukaiah

Procrastination - A karma which bites badly

Procrastination -- Yes the worst vicious killer who follows us , blends inside us and  kills us slowly. The day we learn to come-out of this worst habit , world will definitely be a good place to live.

Procrastination stays within inside us and pulls us with its dubious cushion. We tend to fall on it without realizing that the cushion doesn't actually exist. It will start by crushing your short term goals , plans and finally you end up giving up your dream. We plan our day so precisely , perfectly every morning but we end up in the same place which were yesterday. Procrastination covers you in such a vicious circle that you stop believing on yourselves and you get convinced that you are not capable of doing any thing in life.

A simple example , I planned to write this blog 3 months back but wrote it today . you think I was busy ? hell no. it took me 20 min to write this but I fought with my mind to convince and make this time for myself from 3 months . I spent time watching tv , sleeping on couch , I went to movies , scrolled facebook wall till there are no other post which claims BJP or CONG are right..

As  children we get motivated by lot of things around us. Simple means of motivation , Movies. We have spent days copying the actions of our favorite movie stars , we imitated all their expressions , we tried to be focused like them , we dreamt ourselves to be successful as they are... That habit cannot be seen now , why ? because we learnt procrastination too and we felt more comfortable with that..

Kill this habit or you will suffer for rest of the life , go for that run , go for the gym , apply for that job , take that exam , speak to that person .... dont procrastinate ... All the real life and reel life heroes we follow have this motive in common .. Dedication ,  hardwork , brains ... Everyone has it and everyone can do it.. What is the difference between us and those successful people ? They didnt procrastinate... They kept their attitude of motivation, worked hard to achieve  their dreams and they succeeded. Follow your dreams , think of it every moment of your day , work towards it ... Do an attempt.. you may fail but you will never regret not attempting it .

Coming out of this is very very hard.. but it will make us discipline and healthy..

Finally .. follow me as i promise to come out of the habit myself and come up with some of the interesting blogs very often .Share this with your friends and let me know your experience with this good for nothing habit which is holding us back from everything, in the comments section

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