• Sunil Renukaiah

Nature Corrections - What lockdown has brought to our streets

While the entire world is under lockdown to control the spread of corona virus, it seems nature is making its course corrections to bring life to lot of its children. As human beings we had over utilized the resources available forgetting the fact that we are nothing but another living animal who ought to share the resources with other living creatures.

I Just came through this video which has shown how happy the nature is when all of us are locked inside, it looks like nature is celebrating its revival. Look at the dolphins which have come so close to shores of Mumbai beaches and Italy's ever crowded yards. Look at the river otters happily roaming across the river basins in Singapore, in any other day there would have been a mob there.

Video also shows the ill fate of some of the animals like monkeys which have forcefully adapted to live among human beings and they are struggling now to get food. Dogs, Cats are starving on streets. Request all of you guys to look out for these human friendly animals and provide them food to live. Its the human beings who have captured their habitats and we have forced them to adapt to our style.

Lockdown has taught lot of things to us. It has brought oneness, it is testing our discipline and it has proved that nothing is permanent and every so called economic super power is so fragile that they cant even survive 30 days.

Life post COVID will definitely not be the same and we all should adapt to the new norm in-terms of businesses, healthcare but most important, feeling of oneness and value of your friendship.

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