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Movie Review : Sui Dhaaga - Mad in India - 5/5

Sab badhiya hai !!!!!!!!!!

Sui Dhaaga, is a classic master piece which I think is not getting enough traction which it deserves. India is a country with enormous skills and potential in every field and every part of the country has a bunch of brains which is sitting idle for reasons well known to all. India is not doing enough on a global scale in terms of producing Entrepreneurs.

Sui Dhaaga, is a movie which should be watched everyone, especially those who has immense talent and passion but are not doing anything because of fear of society and lack of funding. Our country has more than 60% of people who belong to moderate income range. There are lot of artisans with some of the niche skills who need to be identified and encouraged.Given a right platform they can come out with flying colors making the nation proud by generating lot of employment opportunities.

Even after having some of the world renowned universities like IITs and IIMs, India has failed to produce enough number of desi entrepreneurs which is one the main reason for a lot of low income and unemployed people. We cannot always blame Government for this as people themselves are not doing their bit to pursue their passion. Nothing comes for free and Nothing can be achieved without sweat.

Coming to movie, it is all about an unemployed small-town man who defies all odds and naysayers and starts his own garment business. The madness and the urge to become independent is what makes us glued to seats till the end. Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma has come out of their comfort zone to show case their sheer talent as a typical lower middle class couple.Both of them have answered their critics with a mature performance and they both deserve every bit of respect.

Speaking of direction, the movie will never make you feel bored and no scene has been dragged unnecessarily.The story and the characters always stick to the theme and there is no exaggeration whatsoever. Movie will definitely make you think that it may be related to some real life character but I couldn't find any credible reference. Nonetheless movie is a must watch for every one especially for those who has that hidden flame to start and achieve something on their own.

I wanted to go with 4/5 as the movie, in some places tends to move fast, but I settled for 5/5 simply because of the story which is the need of the hour for India.Go watch the movie before its taken off.

And yes the title is "Mad in India" and not "Made In INDIA" :) You should watch the movie to get the answer for this :)

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