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Movie Review : Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale - Kasaragod

Sandalwood movie which released last week is getting very good response in tinsel town. The movie is worth a watch and there is an important lesson to be learnt about the situation of Kannada in the border cities of Karnataka. 

The story is very nicely written and directed by Rishab Shetty... The whole plot revolves around a Kannada government school and the desperate attempt by some rogue officers to close it just because Kasaragod is in Kerala. All the kids in the movie has acted very well and they definitely take audience to their childhood memories. 

While the 1st half of the movie goes very smoothly with lot of humor and comic scenes showcasing the greenery of Coastal Karnataka, 2nd half is filled with absolutely awesome performance by Ananth Nag sir who has given some age defying scenes.

Keeping the story aside, movie shreds light on many important topics :

1. Situation of Kannada in villages which are borders with other states OR which are controlled by other states

2. Fundamental right of citizens being forcefully taken away

3. co-operation between states to encourage and enrich all cultures, which is very important for any country

We have seen the fate of countries who are struggling because of internal struggles and definitely nobody would wish to be in such a state. Its high time for officials and politicians to give up their selfish ideologies and corrupt practices and unite people for a better future and a progressive nation.

Watch the movie in your nearest movie halls and enjoy a fun filled ~150  minutes ride.... Watch the trailer below :

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