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Movie review - Mahira, nail biting suspense thriller

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

As expected Mahira got an astounding response from audience on its opening day. Movie got released worldwide on 26th July and is running houseful everywhere. As seen in the trailer the movie is technically very sound and cleanly shot plot.

Movie always makes us sit at the edge of the seat with its unexpected twists and turns. Mahira, in now way lesser than a hollywood quality movie. Director Mahesh gowda has excelled in his debut as he has succeeded in keeping audience stuck to their seats till the last minute.

The story revolves around a mother and her daughter who fight for their survival. The fighting shots are very well directed and the debutant Virgina Rodrigues has portrayed the lead role spectacularly. Movie takes and unexpected turn after interval and it makes you re-think the story which saw in first half.

Raj B Shetty's role is another surprise as we never imagined him in a serious role (after a trendsetting role play in ondu motteya kathe). He has proven his metal in this movie and he is in sandalwood to stay for long.

So... What are you waiting for.... book your tickets and make sure you enjoy Mahira before somebody spoil the plot for you...


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