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Movie Review :Gultoo - A must watch for all social media addicts

Saw this movie by name Gultoo today and liked it very much because of its content and relevance to current scenarios in society. Apart from reviewing this movie , I want to highlight the seriousness of data share these days. First I will write my review on the movie.

Ratings : 4.5 / 5

                 This movie is for all those who think Kannada movies are not at par with Bollywood or hollywood movies , who think kannada movies contain only love stories , who think only superstars can produce a good and niche movie. Forget above set of people , the movie is definitely a must for all the facebook and instagram  fans , for those who think changing profile pic , posting details of their purchase , a place they visited ,is a style statement. In short this movie is a MUST WATCH FOR ALL.

            Movie is about a guy from a poor background who goes on to control and destroy the whole system using the simple loopholes present in the same system.I rated 4.5 for this as the movie tends to be a bit slower in the first half. Second half has some nail biting scenes and keeps everyone guessing. I liked the style in which data leak and data share market is narrated and it definitely makes every one to rethink before sharing anything online.

Watch the trailer here and in the next section I will discuss about the issue of Data Leak

                       We are trapped into social media so much that we have no way left to come out of this vicious circle. Mark Zuckerberg , gave a testimony on the recent issue of data leak in US congress, you can watch the complete proceedings here  . He goes on to accept the fact that facebook was and is collecting every possible minute detail about everyone on this planet. Be it medical details , location details , messaging details or photos posted. No wonder Facebook is a $600B company as it has the best possible product to sell : its users and their contents.

                        You may wonder how it will affect your life , you may think you are not such an important person to get affected by this, YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG. You posted a photo of your new car , Bammm!!!!!!! you already see the ads from flipkart and amazon on car accessories. You checked into a pizza hut recently , you start seeing offers on Pizzas probably from Dominos. You liked a picture or post of a person who praises Congress , you see the posts only from the pages who praise them.. Whats the big deal ???? In all the above scenarios a car accessories company , a pizza store , a political party just got their targeted customer and facebook charged all of them for the data , which they got for absolutely no cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                     Be careful before sharing details with anyone , offline and online. Think twice before giving permission for any app to read your data , access your location . Privacy is already a myth and I have already written about it in my previous blog here. I have also written on how social media is turning friends into Foes (here)  .Please be careful and refrain from sharing any of your personal experiences and your location on social media apps like facebook , twitter.

Do watch Gultoo movie and let me know about your reviews in the comments section

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