• Sunil Renukaiah

Movie Review : Bharath Ane Nenu

Bharat Ane Nenu ,is not a typical Mahesh Babu movie .So those who expect more fight  scenes from Mahesh Babu , be ready to see other side of Prince. Its good that Mahesh  Babu has tried his rugged mannerism in a different role which is typically not his forte. The story is about a young guy who becomes CM of a state accidentally and how he  handles his responsiblity and wins the heart of people.                    I would rate 3.5/5 for this movie. The first half of the movie keeps you glued  to seats with lots of suspense and mainly the acting of Prakash Raj .Second half goes  a little bit off the story line as it concentrates more on highlighting Mahesh's mannerism  than the actual story which  held theviewers in first half. .                   Kaira Advani has managed to capture hearts of viewers and her fan list will  grow exponentially.She doesnt have much role in the movie but does play an important  character and she has donejustice to it.To girls, look out for some of the stunning outfits  she wear !!!!!!!                   Prakash Raj needs a special mention as he has done some awesome job in  a supporting role.As usual he has given 101% of himself into that role and makes his  character stay in viewers'head for a long time after watching the movie. Some of the tags for Alexa are here : https://amzn.to/2IuK33l               Do watch the trailer here  :


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