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Movie Review : Bell Bottom - A Suspense Comedy trailer at its best

If you are interested in a suspense thriller movie with loads of comedy, then "Bell Bottom"  is made for you... Movie is a laughter riot right from the beginning till the end. Story is very cleanly stitched and Rishab Shetty has delivered more than what his fans were expecting out of him. This  movie makes you laugh for whole 129 min and makes you leave cinema halls with a smile on your face.

Its a story well shoot with 70s backdrop and that setup has added to the spice of the movie. Its about a boy Diwakara who dreams of being a successful detective, but his father wants him to join police service. Diwakara gets a case of his dream when some dacoit start  looting under the nose of police force.

Who is stealing with that much plan ? Who is behind them ? . Diwakara meets lot of interesting characters when he starts to decipher this case and finds the love of his life. Can Diwakara finally solve the case ? Will this case change his life forever ? hop in to theaters to find out more and enjoy this fun filled ride

I would rate this movie 4/5 . Although all looks well in this movie, director in very few places has failed to maintain the backdrop of 70's. Haripriya has done excellent acting, she doesnt look natural. Rishab Shetty and Achuta Rao stands at the top and this father-son duo carries the movie all the way.

Movie is a show of love, lust, friendship, revenge and brains of Diwakara and people close to him. Here is the trailer of the movie :

Watch this fantastic fun filled movie and comment your reviews 

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