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Mahira - Another master piece from Raj Shetty

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Raj Shetty who took tinsel town with a storm by giving an unexpected hit movie Ondu Motteya Kathe is getting ready with another master piece Mahira. Poster and the teaser looks very promising and movie buffs are eagerly waiting for the release.

Poster itself has lot of suspense hidden in it and we can expect Raj B Shetty in an entirely different shade.

Mahira - Poster. Movie releasing on July 26

There are lot of talented co-stars in the movie like Virginia Rodrigues, Chaitra Achar, Balaji Manohar and Gopal Krishna Deshpande. Mahira is already talk of the Btown with its teaser getting awesome response and very good feedbacks on youtube. Watch the trailer here

The trailer literally keeps all of us at the edge of the seats and will definitely make lot of curious brains to impatiently wait for movie release.

The worldwide release of the movie is planned on July 26. Trailer shows the amount of effort put by director and writer Mahesh Gowda to bring out a master piece.

watch the trailer and comment your feedbacks here. Make sure you book your seats in your nearest movie theater and watch the movie before somebody reveals the plot for you :)

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