• Sunil Renukaiah

Life is never Fair if you are not fair with it

Lot of times we keep complaining about the things happening in our life. Most of the cases its only because of decisions we made in the past . We never care about anyone when everything is going good in our life. We complain a lot a when things go in other direction. Isn't it wrong ? We are responsible for what we do or what we decide. We should be prepared to face all the consequences of our own decision and learn to come out of desperate times .

     If we think with straight mind , life being unfair is actually a challenge put infront of us . So instead of complaining and wasting time , we have to stand up and face the challenge . We all get to live only once , we should never waste this life complaining or disrespecting others. Every living thing has its own character and self respect , we should never ever attack that. What do we achieve by hating someone ? hatred and stress. But show love and we get back love and happiness.

  Fair or Unfair depends on our definition of fairness. We think , whatever is good to us in only fair. We should learn to think and see the situation in all angles and judge it with an unbiased mind.

 So what we should do , complain or correct ? Obviously every one wants to be in peace with their life. So how do we achieve it ? I am no guru to give perfect answers but I have tried to list down some of the things based on some of the experiences I had in my life :

1. Plan every possible thing and stick to it

           Ofcourse we cannot plan everything in our life but most of the situations are in our control. We can plan and balance our work and personal life. Make some time to spend with parents, partner , friends . Office is not everything in our life. You may love your company but always remember , you not permanent there.

2. Always look into positive side of everything

          We always have 2 options , fight or make peace . We only see what we want to see , never have an pre-meditated opinion on anyone . Its ok if something doesnt go as you planned , look at the brighter side . If we leave all the negative things it will make everyone's life more beautiful than ever. Criticizing and judging someone will not only affect the other person , it will affect us also.

3. You cannot control others life - Accept it   We always take people , who are close to us for granted. We want our parents , siblings, friends, partners to do only what we want and forget that they also have their own wishes , life . Just because they didnt do something which we wanted , we start to hate them. Its wrong, you never own anyone , we owe for the people who spent time with us and we should always respect the choices they made. World will be a better place if we learn that       

4. Look at roses not thorns

     Every person has his/her own good and bad phase. We should encourage others to do good , appreciate others when they achieve something , even if it is very small. Pointing to thorns only will never show you the roses above .

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