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Inmusik : Disrupting the music industry with cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is arguably the biggest disruption in the economic system recent days. Just like what cash transactions did to the barter system, crypto-currencies have become talk of town.Within a short span of time, the ROI which they have brought is tremendous and hatsoff to technology. Crypto currencies are the safest form of handling money as they are more secure than any of the methods available in the market right now. Ofcourse, there are hackers who have used this for malpractices but the bad people exist in all the systems.

Whats the use of a technology if it is not put into right hands and given to those who are in actual need ? Entertainment industry is one of the biggest victim of the flaws which exist in internet space like piracy. All the hardwork done by the talented people used to go in vain and they were not getting the reward they deserve. Inmusik is a commendable idea to give justice to musicians all over the world and give the fare share of rewards they deserve.

Inmusik is a new cryptocurrency which bridges the gap between the music lovers and the muscians all over the world and help musicians to get paid in crypro currencies. They call it $ound tokens, which suits perfectly to their theme.

Inmusik has been rated among the top 10 crypto currency across the world and has attracted some of the biggest investors like TimesGroup. Whitelist today and get 20% extra tokens. I really liked the way these guys keep us updated on their ICO status. Inmusik is going live some time in August and according to me they will definitely make this big as they really have a very dedicated team working on making it success. I took more than 2 months before investing here  and did an extensive research on the ROI and I am pretty confident on this bet.

Bringing the music industry into blockchain is really a disruptive move which will streamline the online streaming and music industry.

Checkout more about the concept on their website : https://inmusik.co/ and go through  the interesting white papers published : https://inmusik.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/inmusik-wp-v1.1.pdf

Checkout the partners :  https://inmusik.co/#partners

In my next blog I am going to write on the different use cases which Inmusik team is targeting to capture audience and benefit musicians. Subscribe to my blog and let me know your view on Inmusik

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