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Indian Premier League : A billion dollar market and the new glue at home

IPL 2018 started today with 2 major teams (CSK, RR) making a comeback. Every year ipl comes as a package of full fledged entertainment both on and off the field.

With media, digital telecast earning   8 figures money every match, ipl has turned into a successful money machine. Keeping money part aside, ipl is giving very good opportunities for young cricketers. 65 days of cricket festival has created such a rage and craziness in India that film industry thinks twice before releasing their movies in this period.

IPL has become the new medium which has brought back the family time. IPL has enabled people with different ethnicity to understand each other and we can see these straits cascading to national team too.

People leave office early to watch the matches, argue with each other defending player's from other region too. In Chennai where hindi is treated as a third world language, Dhoni has become a God. Families have dinner together with a reason to watch the matches together.

IPL can be a very good case study for understanding how ro build and attract traffic towards an organization. IPL, as a group turned profitable from season 3 itself. There was big bash, county cricket, Ranji but none of them are this much successful commercially and emotionally.

Let's enjoy this season to full extent and let the best team win

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