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Hotstar - Innovative subscription models

As promised in my previous blog (read here) . I have started writing about some of mobile entertainment platforms . I started with Amazon Prime ( read here) and today's post is on Hotstar .

         Hotstar has more options than amazon prime as they give us option to view TV channels also like channels of Star Network. The quality is also at par with any leading mobile entertainer and they are flooded with content on their app. They have mastered the idea of subscription by using season based charging.

        As we all know IPL (Indian Premier League) is going on India and it is literally a cash cow as cricket fans from all over the world follow this and hotstar has tapped into this opportunity very well by offering subscription only to sports. Their regular subscription charges are Rs. 999 / year but to drag customers and make use of IPL craze , they have another offering worth Rs.  299 / year which will give access only to sports . You can watch IPL , Football , kabadi .

      Speaking of other offerings, Hotstar has the rights of telecasting Game of Thrones and I dont think I need to explain the fans for Game of Thrones series :). It is literally THE MOST WATCHED tv series right now and people go crazy to watch it .Hotstar has different category of collections like Drama , Comedy , Action and Family where you can watch movies , Tv series of the respective Genre.

      Hotstar has gained massive fan following in a very little time and they are definitely giving a tough competition for other players in market like NetFlix and Amazon. By providing access to Star network , they have secured a different category of audience like housewives and elders who follow Indian soaps. Hotstar also concentrates on entertainment in Indian regional channels like Kannada , Hindi.

        Do subscribe to Hotstar if you are an IPL fan , GoT fan or you follow daily soaps on star network. Comedy series like Son of Abish by  Abish Mathew and Mythological series like Mahabarath are worth watching.

Visit their website (http://www.hotstar.com/) for more details and subscribe for unlimited entertainment . Comment here on your view of hotstar also let me know if you want me to write on any other digital platforms

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