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Five ways to fight procrastination

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Procrastination, one of the worst habits we can develop and which destroys us from inside so badly that it will be impossible for us to recover and come up. 

Procrastination is the main reason where people, with great ideas fail to materialize... This is the result for an indiscipline, unplanned life style. Only we ourselves can cure it and nobody can do it.

I myself am struggling because of procrastination and I would like to share the tricks I am using to over come it. Trust me its not easy but not IMPOSSIBLE... 

I wrote about Procrastination in one of my post and received very good impression from netizens around ...  I called it a karma .. Read about it here Procrastination - A karma which bites badly

1.   Plan your day.. DAILY !!!

This is the first step towards coming out of laziness. You should start your day by planning things which has to be completed and make sure you complete it even if it means stretching your day. You can use simple tools like a post-it or any other app but WRITE YOUR DAY.

         Develop the habit of working out or going out for a run. A fit body gives us a fit and determined mind.

2.   Close that FB, Youtube and Twitter tab NOW   !!!

Though seems lame, this has been the most difficult part for me. We start by scrolling the pages down and by the time we realize we have spent too much time, we would have missed lot of things in our to do list. Social media addiction is as bad as any other addiction. This takes away very important thing from our life.. TIME

3.   Check your progress on your plans.. EVERY NIGHT !!!

Its easy to list down plans for the day but its very difficult to keep track of it. Make sure you check on the progress made on each of them. I would say you are doing a great job even if you complete 30% of the tasks during initial days. But make sure you track your progress

4.   Re-work your plan, if you miss your plan.. but NEVER GIVE UP !!!

 Its normal to miss on your plans during initial days, its okay but never give up. Keep re-working on your plans and start correcting mistakes you did yesterday.

5.   Reward yourselves for completing your plan EVERYTIME !!!

Its very important to recognize yourselves for the milestones you achieved. Each successful day with all ticks definitely deserves a treat and treat yourselves the way you like. Its really a big achievement !!!

As the navy SEALs say, Change the World by Making Your Bed 

Do comment on how you are dealing to overcome Procrastination

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