• Sunil Renukaiah

Find yourself in search of your Doppelganger

We always dream of finding a doppelganger, a person who looks exactly like us.Knowingly or unknowingly we ourselves become our doppelgangers. When we are sad we think of ourselves and assume what would have happened if I had not done that or said that... when we are short of money, we think what we would do if we had lot of money... We put ourselves into a character while watching a movie... We tend to copy others and imagine what we would have done if we were in their shoes... Our eye and mind only shows us what we want to see...

           Introspecting ourselves by imagining a doppelganger is very much essential for our personal growth. This helps us to keep a definitive goal and sets a competition with ourselves. Imagine how you were 5 years back , how you are now and how you want to be 5 years from now.. There you go!!!!!!! you just found 2 doppelgangers. Competing to crush others' dreams or to wish bad for others will make our doppelganger bad and it will affect us for a long time.A healthy competition is when you thrive hard to improve yourself , that is be better than what you were 5 years back.

      We all carry baggage from our past and we assume we have to carry that till  we die.It need not be like that, leave your baggage with your doppelganger from the past , let him carry and make sure the doppelganger from your future will not have to carry it.. Our mind never let us be alone, All of us will be thinking about some topic . every given second. Train your mind to beat your past , learn from the mistake . Imagine yourselves 5 years from now and make sure you put all your efforts to see your future doppelganger happier.

   We all must have a doppelganger so that we regularly talk to him and confess all the little bad things we did and to appreciate every bit of good deed done. Nobody may appreciate if you leave your place for a elderly person in a bus , but your doppelganger will definitely do. If you give relationships more importance than your anger , shout on your doppelganger not on your partner..

    Perfect meaning of doppelganger is shown in popular English series How I Met Your Mother where Lily and Marshal decides to wait for Universe to give a signal to them to have a baby. And whats' the signal ? To see their and their friends' doppelgangers. Its the 24th episode of 5th Season. Ted beautifully explains Robin how she has become an awesome person from a better person. The dialogue "5 years ago Robin was better but doppelganger Robin is courageous" . Do watch this episode.

Here is sneak peak into that episode

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