• Sunil Renukaiah

Facebook Data leak , Data breach , Data share ..... Nothing new !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An UK based Politics Consultant firm called Cambridge Analytica used 50m user information , apparently downloaded from facebook and shared the details with different political parties ranging from US elections to Kenya to India. Every one is growing crazy and blaming facebook for not securing their data and breaching their privacy.

PRIVACY ? Do we really have it ? Its  a joke now. We lose our privacy , the moment we buy a phone. Google asks you for the review as soon as you enter into a shopping mall , Facebook asks you if you visited the airport yesterday ? They know where we walk , what we talk , what we eat where we live... The things we tag or check-in are just to satisfy our epitome of feelings. We checkin or not , they know where we went. You take a photo , google saves it in Google Photos , Facebook has an archive of everything you did , every place you visited and you can download it and view it anytime you want... Go to Google maps, they show your entire timeline of the day.. So what are we fighting for now ? Talk anything infront of Alexa, it will record it.. Use faceId , you give up all the coordinates to map your face to Apple. Use finger print to unlock , you just gave up your finger patterns..

Why do you think facebook or twitter is not charging you for the service they provide ? Are they doing it for charity ? Definitely Not. You think they are earning billions of dollars every year just by marketplace ? Not at all... What is the product of facebook , their app? their website ? if you think so , you are a fool.. WE ARE THEIR PRODUCTS... the moment we created an account , facebook just got a product!!!!!!!!! 

I totally find this fight illogical as we already knew that the data is being shown openly , with or without our consent . All of us have clicked on "I agree" button blindly and they have taken that for granted just like the insurance you sign without knowing the clauses.

I dont say we should stop using these social media apps but we should be more careful on what we update , what we share on it .If you can delete your account from all these apps , you will definitely attain Nirvana and be the happiest person on earth :) you realize that the world is more beautiful than what you saw on someone else's facebook wall :) 

We all need to lift our head up and see the world through our eyes instead of sinking ourselves into 5 inch screen.

Share this with your friends and let me know your view on this debate and how we can come out of the damage which we have already done to ourselves  in the comments section

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