• Sunil Renukaiah

Book review : I,Steve - Steve jobs in his own words

I must say this book is a bible for entrepreneurs and for those who want themselves to keep inspired and motivated always. The book is only about the famous quotes of Steve Jobs but for the readers, it is no less than a fictional story. I am not a big fan of biographies and I got upset when one of my friend gifted me this book and insisted me to start reading this.

I started reading the book and I finished this masterpiece in 4 days. I recommend this book for every business students and die hard fans of Apple (they will pledge their allegiance to apple for sure :) ). Book doesn't contain only inspirational quotes but gives an insight to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak's business thoughts and models.

Numerous people have interviewed and written about Steve jobs till now. This books takes and present you the famous and inspirational quotes he has made during those interviews. Every statement is a master piece in itself and the way the interview quotes/statements are organized is aligned carefully to narrate SJ's journey

We get a picture of the hard work, dedication and betrayals which SJ had to go through during his journey at apple and the way he built an empire called PIXAR with an epitome of creativity. The book perfectly makes us understand the amount of passion SJ had on creating new things and adhering to take risks. "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" - something which caught my mind and inspired me to write this blog.

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