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Book Review - Girl of my dreams - A must read for all

I just became a fan of Durjoy Datta after reading his book "Girl of my dreams" .The book is a must read for all who can dream of love . The author has used characters and their roles to such an extent that you can literally feel them come alive while reading the book. I rarely finish a book which I start but this one kept me going and it had my interest till the end. Durjoy gets into the nerve of the reader and controls the reader in each and every page.

          The story revolves around 3 people , Daman - who is struggling to find his way as a successful author and to understand his nightmares. Avni - A true and committed person who is in with Daman. Shreyasi - A ghost from the past or a reality ?

          Every time Daman woke up with the nightmare where he gets killed in goa , he fights with himself to get clarity of the dream and to search for the girl who was next to him. It was a re-birth for Daman as he almost died in the accident.He decides to forget his past by writing about it on facebook and he gets quite a good number of followers.His posts are so famous that he gets a chance to put all those in a book. That's when Shreyasi come to Daman's life

        Shreyasi , is she crazy ? dangerous ? desperate ? Its very difficult to judge until we read the very last chapter.She is a perfect example of a person who is obsessed and can do anything to get whatever they want even at the cost of destroying others.

        Avni , a true and honest person who stood by Daman all the time. Daman shouts on her , dumps her for Shreyasi , makes her wait for everything , still Avni doesnt give up. She is a perfect example of true love.

     The story is about a story fighting to prove another story as wrong . Confused ? Yes it is correct . If i give up a bit more , I will not be doing justice to the author.Grab your copy on Amazon

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