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Apps for runners - StepSetGo and Nike Run club

Running has always been a preferred and recommended way to stay fit and to burn those stubborn fat in our body. Running not only helps in keeping us physically fit but it also boost our mental health. Those who run regularly feel that mental connect and running helps them keep calm and helps them relieve from their stressed day. We should always measure our physical activities just to keep ourselves motivated. Tracking our activities help us keep a tab on our progress. We may not be trained athletes or we may not be training for a race but measuring the distance covered or pace of our run always sets a target for us to beat in the next run. There are lot of apps which helps us monitor and record some of the vital KPIs like distance, pace, calories and many more and each of them are really good in their own ways. I use 2 apps regularly to track my physical activities and in this blog I would like to write about my experience using them. This post is not to rate or compare the apps but just an experience sharing.


SSG app can be used to track your steps every time you move around with your phone. Best part is that the app runs in background with always-on mode, so you dont have to turn on the app everytime. Won't it be fun if you can earn while you burn? SSG is built around this concept where you can earn SSG coins for every step you cover and you can redeem SSG coins for some really cool deals available on various merchandise on their store. Unlike other apps SSG has some interesting options which keeps you motivated to move every day. Features I liked in this app :

1. You can always track your friends steps too and their is a leader board published comparing your progress against your friends :)

2. App runs on an always on mode

3. Rewards for each step we take

4. Different levels of rewarding is something which challenges you always to keep moving. There is a threshold at each stage for number of steps/Coins which can be tracked/earned. After we achieve this threshold we will be promoted to next stage. If we fail to maintain the minimum amount of steps we will be demoted.

Some of the features which are missing :

  1. Cannot be used to track a particular run (No timed runs)

  2. No map to show the track

  3. Need to improve the social media integration

Overall I am really satisfied with this app and I recommend this to everyone. Install the app using this link

Nike Run Club

This app is from Nike and it has some really cool features to keep you hooked to this app. This app truly represents the theme of the brand. Some of the features I liked in this app are:

  1. Accuracy of tracking

  2. Pause and resume features

  3. Map level tracking

  4. Easy sharing on social media

  5. Different types of activities to track

Let me know in comments on the other fitness apps you use

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