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Amazon prime - A 100 million club entertainment

Jeff Bezos in his letter to stake holders revealed this week that Amazon prime membership just crossed 100 million subscribers. Is it really worth of the craze ? Does amazon prime really has good content . How relevant are the contents for today's world ? I will talk about all these questions in my blog today .

       I am a prime user from India and feel that the content delivered by prime is still not upto the expectation of local customers. Prime has an excellent collection movies and TV shows in English but as an Indian consumer , I expect more local contents . But the membership is worth every penny. i can see most of the recent movies launched and they have a prime only webseries which are totally worth watching. like BREATH , Inside Edge.

       Looking at contents only irrespective of the region , prime is at par with Netflix but there is still a lot of scope for improving the content . Unlike SONY Liv or Hotstar , Amazon prime doesnt have its own television network and hence they will definitely face a stiff competition atleast in India. Dont miss watching the TV series BREATHE and Inside Edge

      Netflix is more aggressive in staying upto market trend and it is youth targeted . Amazon prime is worth for what they charge but they have to be more aggressive to stay more relevant with the latest trends and age groups .

               The quality of videos is undoubtedly really good and the app is also very light weight. Not to forget , just like anyother streaming service , amazon prime has download later option.

      If Amazon concentrate and succeed in putting more and more content specific to region and cover all the languages , it can easily increase the membership numbers atleast by 30% immediately .

The fee for Indian consumers right now is Rupees 999/ year. As I said, prime has lot of interesting hollywood movies and prime only series are a must watch. So I think 100m is just the tip of iceberg.

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